What is the VALUE of knowing where your child is during the school day and knowing that they are safe and accounted for during a crisis situation?

In a world of continually increasing violence in and around our schools, it is no longer a question of "IF", but rather "WHEN" an incident will occur.

Is your school prepared?
If not, you need to take action now, as tomorrow may literally be too late.

TRINITY: The Solution for Our Schools

Trinity is the most advanced integration of crisis management, attendance, discipline, and anonymous reporting for our schools - all from a single interface.

Trinity introduces new features available nowhere else while also integrating with existing school systems. Through both active and passive technologies, Trinity enables school administrators and faculty to efficiently and electronically manage students, track and report on attendance, rapidly account for students in a crisis situation, and help keep them learning in a safe environment.

Trinity empowers all users with uniquely designed dahsboards and workflows. Users include multi-school and single-school administrators,faculty, parents, students, bus drivers, and emergency responders.

TRINITY: Helping Keep Our Children Safe

Trinity was created in part to help manage efforts in keeping students and staff safe in this rising trend of school violence. Just look at the unfortunate patterns in the chart below. We all know about the well-publicized events of Columbine (1999), Virginia Tech (2007), and Sandy Hook (2012). But notice the spike between 2013 and 2015. There was no single event that received great publicity, but the number of overall incidents, deaths, and injuries over these years has skyrocketed.

While Trinity is unable to prevent school violence, it can assist with opening communication with students prior to incidents occurring, it can empower students to alert faculty of suspicious activity, it can help coordinate a smooth response and resolution to a situation that may occur, it can ensure everyone has the information they need in real-time, and it can guarantee parents stay informed and more easily reunite with their students after a crisis.

TRINITY: The Three Points of Trinity